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The British property market has seen its fair share of changes and challenges over the years, and savvy landlords are always looking for ways to adapt and thrive. One significant shift we’ve witnessed is the growing trend of landlords setting up limited companies to manage their rental properties.

The tax landscape for landlords has shifted quite a bit in recent years. Previously, you could deduct mortgage interest as a personal landlord, but the rules have changed, and it once was more favourable. Limited companies, though, can still benefit from these deductions, making it a more tax-efficient option for many.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Limited companies offer other perks, like better financial planning, asset protection, and smoother estate planning. If you’re a landlord or considering becoming one and want to know why limited companies are all the rage in the UK, we recommend you consult with GetGround, who specialise in a range of services that cater for buying properties in limited company structures.

Get tax efficient by setting up a property company.

Design your buy to let company in just half an hour, and we’ll handle the admin for only £21.98 per month.

  • Increase the returns on your buy to let property
  • Reduce personal risk from your property investments
  • Invest in buy to let properties with friends and family

A company designed for buy to let peace of mind.

Why a property company?



Payments  Tax efficiency

Deduct your mortgage interest payments from your tax liability, and keep more of your profits.


Documents Lower personal risk

Shield your portfolio if anything goes wrong with one of your properties (like a default or lawsuit).

calculate Better together

Invest with friends, family and partners to spread the risk and get better LTV for your mortgage.

Why a GetGround property company?



Secretarial Legal documents

Purpose-built legal documents to protect your investment, set up director’s loan and shares transfer.

Web filing  Easy-open business account

Your company gets its own business account, so you can see all transactions in one place.

Share payments  Tax returns, sorted

No more end-of-year tax panic. We’ll handle your accounts and tax returns for just £21.99 a month.

Simple pricing

One-off setup | UK residents

£249 + VAT

Per company
One-off setup | Non-UK residents

£579 + VAT

Per company
Monthly subscription

£21.98+ VAT

Per company

Create two property companies, get your third for free. And fourth. And fifth.

Prefer a holding property company structure?

No problem. Just choose the ‘Holding Company’ option when you set up your company, or give us a call to find out more.

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Want to invest in buy-to-let property with friends or family?

Now you can, thanks to our limited company structure. Become landlords along with your loved ones.

Read our blog post on Co-Investing to learn more.

The complete guide to buy to let limited companies

Still learning about limited companies? Find everything you need to know in our complete guide – from SIC codes to share structures and beyond.

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