An aggregator of financial services encompassing foreign exchange, payments and banking.

Since inception, ECAP have processed in excess of $2bn in transactions on behalf of its clients.

Our agile and forward-thinking approach has brought significant value to corporate, institutional and private clients.

ECAP, quite simply, have every angle covered. 


The most commonly used foreign exchange transaction designed to address any imminent currency requirements, a spot transaction allows clients to process payments and have funds settled in the beneficiary account within the same trading day. Clients are also afforded up to two further working days to make settlement.


A very useful set of tools when used appropriately, market orders allow a client to designate a desired rate to provide them with upside on the current market level while also offering a safety net to the downside to ensure that bottom line profits are adequately protected. Orders include but are not limited to; limit orders, stop-losses and trailing stop-losses.


We offer market commentary in the form of daily, weekly and monthly reports, supplementing the personalised commentary and consultancy that all clients can access via their dedicated dealer.


Forward contracts allow clients to lock in a rate for up to 5 years at a time, offering protection from adverse currency fluctuation, mitigating the inherent risks associated with operating within a live marketplace. A 0% deposit facility enables our clients to offset their currency exposure, even if they have limited cashflow or capital without the need for any margin committed.

ECAP is proud to boast a team of experienced dealers with expert market knowledge and many years of professional trading experience. Your dedicated dealer will help you identify and implement a hedging strategy that best suits your organisation and is tailored to achieve your objectives. They will consider your company budget, payment timescale, risk appetite, cash flow and the current market trends. We work proactively with our clients to mitigate risk in a perennially volatile market.



There are many countries across the world with illiquid or restricted currencies which companies and individuals can carry exposures in.


Whether this be corporate entities looking to repatriate profits or UHNW individuals looking to obtain investment or entrepreneurial VISA’s, ECAP have strategically partnered with several regulated and licensed entities in key jurisdictions in order to assist these clients with movement of funds.


We provide regulated, secure and fast routes to get this money into G10 currencies, granting clients access to previously unavailable capital..


We have worked with a number of clients ranging from listed organisations, UHNW individuals and corporates with market exposures across Asia, Latin America and Africa.

If this resonates with your operation, then we are in a position to assist.