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When engaging in the intricate processes of purchasing or selling a home or even securing a property mortgage, ensuring that the legal aspects do not hinder your progress is of utmost importance. Our key recommendation for expediting the sale of a property is to involve a seasoned conveyancer or solicitor as early as possible. We are dedicated to helping you connect with a skilled conveyancer who can facilitate your home purchase efficiently and cost-effectively.

What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the formal legal procedure for buying or selling a property, remortgaging or extending a lease. Regardless of the number of times you have undergone this process, the legal intricacies of acquiring a house can be complex. By thoroughly understanding the process and selecting the right service provider, you can ensure that the journey is less prone to surprises.

What Does a Conveyancer Do?

Your appointed conveyancer plays a pivotal role in the entire process. They are responsible for conducting thorough searches and inquiries, highlighting any significant issues, overseeing the legal transfer of property ownership, managing fund transfers, settling existing mortgages, and registering the interests of all relevant parties, including yourself and the lender, on the property you are acquiring. This comprehensive support is instrumental in ensuring a smooth and well-managed property transaction.

We’ve produced a more detailed overview of the conveyancing process that you can read here, but the three main stages of the conveyancing process when buying a property are:

Preparing to exchange

Your chosen conveyancer conducts all the necessary assessments and verifications essential for finalizing the acquisition and exchanging contracts with the seller.


Once both you and the seller are in agreement and ready to move forward, you formalize and solidify the transaction by signing and exchanging contracts through your respective conveyancers, establishing a legally binding commitment.


The conveyancer representing the seller will validate the receipt of funds, allowing you to schedule a date for receiving the keys and transitioning into your new residence.

With nearly twenty years of experience aiding clients in buying and selling homes, we’ve gained invaluable conveyancing expertise and exceptional service’s defining traits. Our endorsements are directed explicitly to conveyancers and solicitors with the expertise required to assist you in your property transaction.

The significance of meticulously following legal procedures during a property sale cannot be emphasized enough, as even the slightest error can cause a substantial disruption in the process. Our core focus lies in linking you with professionals who work harmoniously with you, your mortgage broker, and your lender, ensuring a smooth journey without unnecessary delays. 


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